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Words to live by.

March 7, 2006

This is part of a post that I read today in my RSS feed. I really liked what it had to say so I’m linking to it here.


February 21, 2006

I really want a new computer, but I want an Apple. I have no idea how to compare and contrast an Apple and a PC. Now it seems even tougher what with the new Intel Macs. PC manufacturers have made it so tough to even compare specs among computers from the same vendors.

The end is here!

February 21, 2006

Lizzy and Ed are coming home from Florida today. So that means our tour of duty is over! We did take a short break on Saturday. Nanette and I dropped the Saturn off at our house. Of course while we were there we took a nap in our incredibly comfortable bed. Sadly, our nap ended and we had to return to MA.

While we were in MA we hit the IKEA of Stoughton. We’ve never been to an IKEA before and I have to say it was pretty cool. I couldn’t believe the size of this store. They have signs and markers on floors to aid in navigating the place. Too bad the store is so far from where we live.


February 16, 2006

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I think I’m going to like this WordPress widget.

February 16, 2006

Somebody please win the Powerball this Saturday. I don’t even care if I don’t win the jackpot at this point. I’m just tired of dropping $10 a week just so I don’t have to be “that guy.” You know what I’m talking about don’t you? The one guy in the office who didn’t get in on the office pool for tickets when the group hits it big. The guy who has to go back to his cubicle at work and push on until retirement. At the same time everyone else is on TV talking about how the money won’t change them or how they intend to spend their winnings.