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March 28, 2007

I’ve been having a lot of engaging conversations with people about the workplace and the cost of health care benefits. Recently, I spoke with a friend who’s a US Veteran. Here’s a guy who has put in his time and has made “plenty of money” to retire. Yet he’s still working because he needs good health care. Sure he’s eligible for care at a VA Hospital, but instead he opts for the higher standard of the “regular” health care system. Instead of enjoying retirement this man has chosen to keep working full time. If he “could” retire that would open up a job opportunity for someone else.

Late last year a close friend of mine had approached me about starting our own side business. This naturally started a dialog about the cost of health care in the US.  Not surprisingly we both had the same sort of questions. What if health care wasn’t a concern? Would that stir the entrepreneurial spirit in workers who long to work for themselves? How would “socialized medicine” or a national health care system affect the current workplace? Would it provide a positive stimulus for the economy? How would the level of care be impacted by the implementation of a national health care system?  These are all interesting questions that I think will generate debate as the aging baby-boomer population begins to retire.