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Odds and Ends

January 18, 2007

Not too much going on lately. I have a few small projects to get done around the house. A faucet that we’d like to switch out in the bathroom. I also need to replace the door piston on the side. The wind keeps catching it and bending the hell out of them. It will be the 4th time I’ve had to replace these. If I were a bit more ambitious I’d like to run new telephone and data lines in the house. I want to put the Tivos on a wired network and eventually use the old PC as a server downstairs. The other reason would be to have a backup for the wireless network.

On a warmer note, we’re having our chimney swept on Friday. We’ve come to an agreement that we should have our fireplace operational should we lose power in the winter. Despite having electric heat our house maintains its temperature very well. The builders were smart to have put so much insulation in our house seeing that it its only energy source is through electricity.