Killingly Commons Roadwork

    Route 101 has been very busy the last few weeks. Mizzy Construction is really making headway on the road construction portion of the Killingly Commons project. Sidewalks have been poured on the eastbound side of the road. The base course of asphalt has been installed on the  new southbound off-ramp of 395 and the westbound shoulder of Route 101 where the road has been widened. Construction began on the widening of the 395 North off-ramp this past week. Utility crews were even working this past Saturday to switch the lines over to the new poles installed.  The project is really coming together.

My prediction for the first store to be completed is the Lowe’s. It will be located in the southeast corner of the site along 395. I predict that the Stop and Shop will most likely be the second building completed. It is located at the northeast corner also along 395

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One Comment on “Killingly Commons Roadwork”

  1. Rick Caisse Says:

    Congrats on the new baby girl!
    My baby girl starts her second year at Quinnipiac real soon…
    Cherish your new one…they really do grow too fast

    Rick C

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