Friday fun day

We’ve been pretty busy the last couple of days. Wednesday was our final childbirth class. Thursday I took Nanette for her weekly checkup and NST. During the checkup we were giving our induction date, May 14th. So now at least we know when the baby is coming. Needless to say we spent the rest of the day shopping. We went to Shoppers World in Framingham to see if they had the Cherry nightstands that are in short supply at Babies R Us. They didn’t have a single stand in stock and we had already been to N. Attleboro and Warwick this week. Next stop was the Millbury Babies R Us, but not before a visit to Best Buy. That morning before we left for the doctor’s office we ordered the tv stand online and arranged for an in store pickup. I also saved us $60 by ordering the video camera I wanted online rather than buying it in the Best Buy store. Is that stupid or what? Hey it saved me money so I’m happy. I spent the rest of the evening assembling the night and tv stands.

Today I’m cleaning up of the debris from the assemblies. I’m also trying to cover up an ugly etched mirror in the bathroom with a mirrored film. Trimming the corners is the most difficult part. I’m on attempt number four. Wish me luck.

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