Day 1

My first full day of unemployment was kind of boring. I cleaned the house, burned some wood in the stove, scheduled an inspection and looked for work on various sites. I hit Monster, craigslist, and read the Sunday ProJo. I’ve never been too impressed with Monster. I imagine that people must find jobs through the site otherwise they’d be out of business. Every time I post my resume to Monster I get endless calls from headhunters. I guess that’s a good thing, but my impression of Monster was that they were trying get “employers” directly connected to potential “employees.”

I did take a break from all of the cleaning to read my RSS feeds.  I find that I can’t get news fast enough to read or listen to via podcasts.  I’ve noticed that I’m way ahead of the curve especially when it comes to tech news. The regular press is sometimes days or weeks behind what you can read about on blogs or listen to on podcasts.  It’s also interesting how the message becomes distorted, if not dumbed down, by the time it reaches the mainstream media.

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