iMac, TiVo and my wireless woes

My TiVo units aren’t picking up a signal. The units both recognize that they have usb wireless adapters attached. Strangely I have been able to see one TiVo from the other at random times, but not lately. I’ve rebooted both units and had no luck.  I recently downloaded the “N” drivers that were supposed to unleash faster wireless on my iMac.  I’m sure that doesn’t have anything to do with it, but then again maybe I’m wrong. Could it be that the iMac is forcing the Belkin Pre N router into broadcasting N-only signals? Keep in mind that the wireless adapters on the TiVos are 802.11G models that are certified to work. If anyone has an idea as to how I can remedy my wireless signal problem on the TiVo please drop my a line.

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