Yesterday was the first day of our season and I couldn’t have asked for more prefect weather. Things on my end went pretty well, but the plant needs to smooth out some issues going forward. I’m sure things will be running like clockwork as the season progresses.

I got a call at 10PM the other night which was surprising because I did not think that people called that late. Not to mention that it was 10PM on a Sunday. It’s a safe bet that if you call me at 10PM you’ll be waking me up from a deep sleep, so make it important.

I spoke to my Memere yesterday and she’s doing well. She’s in good spirits and sounded much more upbeat than when I had last spoken to her. She’s anxious for the good weather so she can do some of her rehab outside. It has been tough for her over the winter being cooped up in the house.

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