Beautiful day in the neighborhood.

Hope everyone gets a chance to be outside even for a few minutes today because the weather is terrific. Well today is my early day at work which also means I can leave early. Not much happening at the office today. We had our usual meeting first thing in the morning. I got a few projects lined up for the week after next. I brought my truck in for an oil change and then down to an auto body shop for an estimate. I don't think I mentioned that earlier in the week some moron that lives on my street ran into my work truck while I was at a stop sign. No real damage when you look at it, but the estimate is pricey for the repair. The whole ordeal was more of a hassle than anything else. I still cannot believe that the kid was driving with the windshield completely covered by frost. Not to mention him driving to fast and taking the corner too wide onto our street. Lucky for him I wasn't one of the kids on the street waiting for a bus.

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