Take Two!

Well this is the second time I'm writing this post. My net connection got hosed and I lost the original post. Anyway last night I had planned on backing up all of our critical data to CDs. My plan didn't exactly go all that well. The computer was acting up so much I couldn't get the cd burning program to start. Luckily I had an external USB 2.0 Hard drive enclosure. So I was able to load our data on to another hard drive I had lying around the house. 

Right now I'm cleaning up the computer at our lab in southern RI. This computer was terribly out of date in terms of Critical Updates for Windows and Anti-virus/Anti-spyware. So I've been here for about four hours scrubbing this thing clean. Before I could get any sort of updates I had to intall the wireless pc card from Verizon that I mentioned in a previous post. The installation went smoothly and the speed is surprisingly good. I do think I'm going to need a rooftop antenna to get the best signal in this wireless-unfriendly shack.

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