Yesterday I was working on a project at work. The project entailed acquiring broadband access for one of our locations in state. Since we have telco service with Verizon I tried to see what DSL options are available to us. It turns out that DSL isn’t available in the area and no there’s no time frame for availability. So my next call was to Cox. They don’t know how far their line extends down the street, but it will be $79 a month for service. If I want an engineer to do a survey of what is needed I have to commit to the 1yr price of $79/month. The fine print on that deal is that whatever additional costs Cox would absorb by running a longer cable to my site would be passed on to us. We would be expected to pay for “more services”, ie cable or telephone service both of which are not necessary. I am still reeling from the fact that broadband isn’t as widespread as folks would like you to believe even in the smallest state in the Union.

Don’t even get me started with how so called broadband speeds and the pricing isn’t up to par with our European and Asian counterparts.

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